Carving Vase with grape leaves 1.1

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Hi Alex. Thank you for the nice lessons. You teach very well. I see you using the veritas vise in other project as well. In addition to the vertical tilt and circular rotation, does this get you a horizontal tilt as well? In grape leaves lessons 3 and 4 It seems you have the vase tilted horizontally with this vise. How did you do that?

Hi Alex, I have been digging through quite a few of these various courses to get am idea on how you teach and how you set up the pieces you ate working with or on. However you never actually show any of that except in the.few where you are discussing tools. So that leaves me out on the field wondering what is going on. Besides that issue, in the “Materials” lists for each class that I have watched you never specify what size piece of wood a prospective carver needs to.find or purchase to be able to accomplish.the specific lesson you ate teaching. It would be helpful to have quite that type of information available. You really have to view your lessons as going out to completely new carvers, with zero experience, at the very.least for your beginners lessons.

As it stands, like with this specific course, I have no idea how much wood and of what dimensions that I need to somehow find or purchase.

I will watch all the way.through.this.series and all the others over this next year in my attempt to even get started.

As it now stands, I see from the materials listing I only have a couple of the specific gouges. I did purchase all 3 of the starting sets from Schaaf but those 3 sets only have maybe 3 of the various sized gouges you recommend. I realize that I should be able to accomplish a lot with the gouges I now own, but fearful these are actually on the large end or large sized group. Meaning I have none of the smaller gouges you recommend. I hope I can figure out how to make do, although I suspect I may be using a knife for a lot of it. I did purchase a ramelson knife (spelling probably wrong but it is out in the shop and not easily found at this point in time.

John, I also have been finding this, I live in Australia, where many of the woods simply are not available, making it quite difficult as a complete novice to carving. I wish It wasn’t me answering you but I will contact Alex – whom we both know is only interested in our wellbeing here – and try to explain how this is for us. I am looking for very basic informations: types of wood, sizes, a CONCISE list and USE of perhaps a given range of tools. All I know is that being disabled, my income is fixed, and introducing new tools all the time is not working well for me as I can not simply buy tools on the fly.
I hope we can work this out. I don’t want to go elsewhere, as I like it here. But….

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