Carving Dining Table Apron Workshop 9

Hi, I'm Alexander Grabovetskiy.

This page is for MEMBERS of a School of Woodcarving.

I would love to see you as a student.

Let me help you with Mastering Wood Carving Skills. Learn Old world wood carving skills and techniques through online video lessons. You are going to learn the ways of how Master Wood Carvers work, develop 3D thinking for Wood Carving and perfect your Tool sharpening and maintenance.


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on sharpening more often with softer woods..ive noticed similar situation for me…i have carved many crosses some oak some alder/maple couple bass wood ext…i came to the conclusion it could possibly be the silicon in the wood or the fact that i am removing far more softer wood in the same length of time as harder woods (you know like the difference between driving 25mph and cover far more ground the the same length of time)…therefore necessitating the need to sharpen more often. im somewhat relieved you mention that in this video…i thought it was just

iv also had the cnc discussion with people…the lettering in my crosses has been mistaken for cnc…the truth is i wish i owned a cnc for the would take far less time to complete the project.

Frequently, you are using a 3 mm tool that you refer to as a ‘grounding tool’. It looks like it is just a 3 mm fishtail gouge you are using for grounding. Is this correct. Also, I would like information on white weighted base lamp that you are using. Thank you.

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) April 8, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Good Question. Grounding tool is not the same as normal fishtail gouge. It is a front bent but slightly gouge. As far as the lamp, it is an old lamp and I think You can’t buy it anywhere.

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