Carving Venice Room (Venetian Style Wood Carving ) 74.4

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Greetings Alexander, while I agree with you that, in general, the process of carving flowers between the Hashemi flowers and these are the same, I feel the delicate nature of the interior petals of these flowers is different. I would like to request that when you do more flowers you film at least the interior portion of the flowers so we can see the different technique required for the petals. Thanks.

I too came looking for detail on creating these beautiful wispy flowers. These are somewhat different than most of the Hashemi flowers, with the exception of Hashemi #2. While not as fully developed as either if these, the details of carving Hashemi #2 can be found in segments 50.1 through 50.4 of the Hashemi project, with 50.4 being the very center of that flower and most similar to these.

Watch those few Hashemi segments a couple of times and then come back here to compare. The similarity eventually sinks in with me. While I haven’t successfully carved any of them, I now think I understand how to go about it.

Yes, I would have appreciated seeing the detail for these particular flowers, but I also appreciate Alexander’s economy of flower carving time … of which he gave extensively in the Hashemi project. (Not even to mention several hours of time on one lily for the Olive wood box (workshops 10.1 through 11.3 of that series).

In case you can’t tell. I came for the flowers, have watched a lot of flower carving details and am very pleased with what I have discovered. THANKS Alexander!

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