With this Bandsaw You will be ably to cut VERY tight turns – WOODCARVING

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The Pegas scroll bandsaw is a very cool specialized but expensive machine. I never before knew of the existence of this type of machine & I appreciate you bringing it to our attention. I can understand its benefits for a professional woodworker/carver.
For those of us who can’t buy this machine but have other tools available, many of these cuts can be done by a combination of a router with appropriate bits for the desired design. The process is similar to making a crown molding. Some people might also have a shaper for this type of work. Large coves can also be cut with a regular bandsaw or on a tablesaw. Some cities also have makers shops where you can rent time at a woodworking machine.
For those who have the time but aren’t able to fund a machine, there’s always your gouges & files to use as you’ve taught us in your wonderful school.

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