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Hi, I'm Alexander Grabovetskiy.

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Let me help you with Mastering Wood Carving Skills. Learn Old world wood carving skills and techniques through online video lessons. You are going to learn the ways of how Master Wood Carvers work, develop 3D thinking for Wood Carving and perfect your Tool sharpening and maintenance.

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Watching g thisat8pm 0n 4/3/21, currently 48 degrees f, blustery or sporadic winds! I thought this might was supposed to be spring but the prediction for tonight is to go as low as 24 -28 degrees overnight, with high temp of 46 for Saturday. Too cold for my aging blood!

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) April 3, 2021 at 8:51 am

today is kinda cold in south FL also it is 68. It is cold for April.

Question for you regarding access site links etc. You keep.suggesting during your online videos to use YouTube for best access but I cannot seem to connect to these school links from YouTube, only from a browser so, how am I missing the YouTube links into.these courses or is that.just.not possible?

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) April 4, 2021 at 2:09 pm

You are correct; it is absolutely two dif. platforms.I don’t host my video lessons on YouTube. On youtube I am doing only live-stream events but not lessons.

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