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Hey Alexander. I am loving your school and I just wanted to share an idea with you that was inspired by your sharpening classes. I wouldn’t get a power sharpening system until I was proficient by hand first, which took me about 6months and then. I shopped and shopped and just couldn’t decide because nothing out there will accommodate all a woodcarvers needs. Until I found you I was thinking I was going to have to spend over a thousand dollars and own multiple units if I wanted to be able to power sharpen all my tools. So I finally bought a worksharp 3000 and love it. But it has a few short comings and I was thinking I was going have to spend more on another unit to be able to strop my v tools and small gouges. Then, you mentioned something in a video that inspired me to adapt and overcome one of the worksharps short falling. I attached some pictures of the modification. ~***(MY DISCLAIMER If you perform this mod it is at your own risk and keep in mind neither of the tool manufacturers have consented to it so it could void any warranty tormek and Worksharp offer)
I bought the tormek V-tool & gouge leather wheel attachment then took a #12mm by 20mm hex head bolt (hardened). Drilled approximately 3/16-7/33 hole dead center and tapped a 1/4in by 1&1/8 in bolt through it (tormek is metric but WS is standard). Now the small bolt (1/4) will thread into the arbor of the worksharp taking place of the top knob and then the shaft of the tormek wheel threads right onto the 12mm bolt. It will work without a glass platen under it. I just prefer to have it on with it. If anyone attempts this note you must be dead center on the 12mm otherwise you will most likely wobble badly and possibly cause damage to the worksharp arbor also don’t over tighten it onto the WS3000. It is a metal bolt against glass. •••••••***********If you don’t have the ability to center it I would take it to a machine shop or car mechanic and stress to them how important it is to have it centered..
Thank you for all you do.
(Just a little about myself) I am a retired us marine turned metallurgist but woodworking has always been my passion until I discovered carving about 16 months ago now. I am hoping to turn it to a full time career in the next few years.


Mr Johnson;
Can I pay you to put this jig together for me? If you are interested I am willing to make it worth your while to take the time to do it for me
Sam Horowitz, retired podiatric surgeon…
I live in Hollywood Fl

Justin Budfuloski May 20, 2024 at 6:51 pm

Hi Alexander, do you clean the piece of leather used for stropping or do you just re-apply the compound right over the older compound? Do you always reapply compound every time so you are always stropping over new compound?


Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) May 24, 2024 at 1:59 pm

Hi Justin,

Great question. Yes, I clean the leather once in a while by scraping off the old compound with the edge of a wood block. But it doesn’t happen very often.

Thanks, Alexander

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