Sharpening Fingernail Gouge

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Are you buying the 80 grit sand paper from work sharp?

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) December 1, 2017 at 11:54 am

I was hoping to get a look at what some of the other users have done with the worksharp 3000 jig. How do I go about getting accepted to the facebook School Of Woodcarving group?

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) May 29, 2020 at 10:12 am

The School of Woodcarving fb group is not for members only. there is a lot of “outsiders” (Most). But you got an Excellent idea!!!
I think I will create a separate group for Members of School only and Members could share anything.
Thank you!

Hi Alex! Do you have any video that shows the use of this type of tool in action, in a real project? Thank you!

Alexander,regarding this fingernail gouge, can you provide a direct link on your Amazon page so I can order tgensame thing? Looks like it will require quite a bit of shaping to get it right, but you have displayed excellent steps for achieving the final goal! Thank you very much for these special side courses, as I watch and listen to you I pick up various other tips on doing various things do these videos are greatly appreciated!

Alexander-my question is regarding the Tormek BGM 100 and it’s setup for the Work Sharp 3000.
Where did you place it in relations to the grinding, buffing, honing wheels?
Is there a geometry to its placement?
What shouldn’t I do?
Is it fixed or do you move it around to suit your needs?
Am I over-thinking it?
Thanks in advance

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