Completed Carving Hashemi Flowers 51.2

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Alexander, you’ll never know the enjoyment I have had working on this project. It took me out of my comfort zone, challenged me at times to the brink of frustration, and taught me so much. I have to emphasize that I found the size of this project was a good fit for my strength and manageable with my work station. Plus, it is a good size for my limited wall space. My home is filling up with carvings as both my husband and I carve.
When asked if I enjoy online learning, I have to say this the one of the best modes of learning. I can stop, start, repeat, and zoom in where needed. Just when I am feeling the cutting to be difficult I would hear your voice say “be careful here because of the grain”. It was amazing but because we were both working on the same project with the grain running the same way, so often you were right on cue. It was as if you were in the room carving by my side.
I am very pleased with the (near) finished Hashemi Flower project and will send you a photo in the near future for assessment. I look forward to my next venture in your online school.
Thank you so much for sharing your art and craftsmanship.
Best regards,
Cheryl Coupland
Saskatchewan, Canada

Alexander Grabovetskiy (Administrator) August 14, 2022 at 10:30 am

Thank You!

Good Morning Alex:
I’ve finished the peony and rather than using the mums and other flowers, I’n using Gardenias with the swirl in the center petals. Finished the first one with closed center and now am working on the second with the full open center. My problem is how to go about re-creating all of those bunched up pistols and stamens. What is a good technique?

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